Product Specific Terms


The sBizzl Product Specific Terms are intended to highlight some of the important things about using our different products.  The Product Specific Terms form part of the sBizzl Customer Terms of Service (the “TOS”) and are hereby incorporated therein.

If you are using any of the product(s) or service(s) described below, the terms corresponding to those product(s) apply to your use.  We periodically update this page by posting a revised copy at, so please check back here for current information.

  1. sB Total
  2. Service Uptime Commitment
  3. Customer Support

1. sB Total

sB Total is the suite of services made available by us through the Subscription Services such as CRM, Deals, Projects, and Planner.

2. Service Uptime Commitment

2.1  For the purposes of this ‘Service Uptime Commitment’ section, the following definitions shall apply:

“Priority 1” means a critical full outage/severe issue that constitutes a catastrophic problem that causes complete inability to use the Subscription Service, excluding Free Services, across a significant portion of the production environment (e.g. crash or hang), resulting in production downtime and where there is no workaround or solution to the problem.

“Excluded” means the following: (i) unavailability caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, act of God, acts of government, emergencies, natural disasters, flood, fire, civil unrest, acts of terror, strikes or other labor problems (other than those involving our employees), or any other force majeure event or factors; (ii) any problems resulting from Customer’s combining or merging the Subscription Service with any hardware or software not supplied by us or not identified by us in writing as compatible with the Subscription Service; (iii) interruptions or delays in

providing the service resulting from telecommunications or internet service provider failures outside of our datacenter as measured by our third party website availability monitoring provider; and (iv) any interruption or unavailability resulting from the misuse, improper use, alteration, or damage of the Subscription Service.

“Service Uptime” means (total hours in calendar month – unscheduled maintenance which causes unavailability – Priority 1 issue durations – scheduled maintenance – Excluded) / (Total hours in calendar month – scheduled maintenance – Excluded) X 100%.

2.2  We will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet a Service Uptime of 99.95% for our Subscription Service in a given calendar month. All availability calculations will be based on our system records. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, as Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for failure to meet availability or support commitments, in the event there are two (2) or more consecutive calendar months during which the Service Uptime falls below 99.95% in a given calendar month, Customer will be entitled to receive a credit equal to the prorated amount of fees applicable to the downtime as measured within two (2) or more consecutive calendar months during which the Service Uptime fell below 99.95%, which credit shall be applied against an invoice or charge for the following renewal subscription term, provided Customer requests such credit within twenty (20) days of the end of the relevant calendar month. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Agreement or this section, this ‘Service Uptime Commitment’ section does not apply to our Free Services.

3. Customer Support

3.1  Phone Support.

Phone support for sB Total edition is available from 8am to 8pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) Monday to Friday. We accept email support questions 24 hours per day x 7 days per week. Email questions can be submitted at [email protected].

3.2  Email Support. 

Email responses are provided during phone support hours only. We attempt to respond to email and in-app support questions within one business day; in practice, our responses are generally even faster. We do not promise or guarantee any specific response time.